Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Monday, April 25, 2005

You have got to be kidding me...

So I needed a break today and I didn't want to look at Property any more, so for the sake of humor, I picked up one of those law school prep books that I was suckered into buying before school started. I turned to the chapter on studying for finals and proceeded to laugh my ass off. Here are just a few of the author's exam tips...
  • Plan your time so you can start studying for finals at least three weeks before the test date (one week was a miracle for me this semester)
  • You should be completely finished at least two nights before an exam is given (how about two hours? two minutes?)
  • The first thing to do is go over the casebook table of contents which you have already memorized (emphasis added)(the case book has a table of contents?) - This should immediately bring all the major points back to you
  • Then go through each case in your casebook, studying the rule you wrote at the top before the semester started (you know, in that month you set aside before school to get at least three weeks ahead in your reading before the first day - no, seriously, this is in the book)
  • Use the mnemonic stick figure to bring back the facts of the case and carefully read marginal notes which you have added during class discussions, memorizing any summation lists the professor has given out (my Property exam is tomorrow and I have yet to open my casebook once while preparing for it. Also, I can't draw stick figures - does that mean that I am totally screwed?)
  • If something is not clear, read the case itself for clarification.
  • Supplement your studying with any other outlines or summation material you have.
Is it possible for me to get a refund of the $16.95 that I spent on this book because the author was clearly on crack.

And remember, procrastination is the Lorelei of the legal profession - if you succumb to her siren song, you will be dashed against the rocks. (No, seriously, that is in the book too)