Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Monday, June 20, 2005

Run, Forrest, Run

So I was standing in front of my apartment talking to my frined Dallas tonight when I saw something that made me laugh my ass off. In the middle of the street right in front of my place, the police have put one of those little portable machine deals that checks your speed and then displays it on a screen as you are driving by. While we were standing there, a group of people walked by on their way back to the dorms at GW. One of them decided he wanted to test the machine, so he went out into the middle of the street and ran as fast as he could past the thing. Just seeing some dude sprint down the middle of a six lane road past this speed limit machine was a funny sight. It was made even better with the flip-flop sound effect that went with it. It did make me question the validity of the machine, however - it said he was going 17 miles per hour. Seeing how running is obviously not one of my favorite things to do, I really have no way to judge this, but I don't really think this guy was doing 17 in a 25. Who knows, I may be wrong. It was damn funny, though.