Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A collection of somewhat amusing stuff

So, in the course of all of my research at work, I have run across a number of things that strike me as funny (at least, at the time). I usually write these down with the intention of posting them here for all of you to see (I still haven't done the whole blogging at work thing - call me a chicken, I don't care). However, I have yet to actually come home and share these tidbits with you...until now. Here's just a few...
  • "The place of the tragedy was approximately 100 feet east from the mobile home." Simpspn v. Smith, 771 S.W.2d 368 (Mo. Ct. App. 1989). Couldn't you also likely say that the place of the even bigger tragedy was approximately 100 feet west from the death? There is some more funny shit in this case if you have Westlaw access and some spare time - there is even what I believe was a domestic dispute to which the man arrived at the woman's trailer on his tractor.
  • I signed up for an online flight planning program so that I could get a better idea of the route of flight of the crash I am working on. Before I could complete the registration, I had to, of course, do the whole licensing agreement deal, just like with pretty much every other online sign up. The difference with this one was that the first sentence of the agreement, in all caps bold letters, was "PROPER AND OR IMPROPER USE OF THIS PRODUCT COULD KILL YOU." Talk about cutting right to the chase and not sugar coating things.
  • For all of my section 14ers, tell me that this isn't Todd the Bod to a T - Footnote 1 of a Missouri Appellate Court opinion, at the conclusion of the first paragraph where Presiding Judge Laura Denvir Stith gives a brief synopsis of the case, reads as follows: "We commend counsel for both parties for their excelent briefing and argument of the complex issues involved in this case." Ferrellgass, L.P. v. Williamson (Mo. Ct. App. 2000).
  • Finally, here is another bit of aviation humor. This was actually heard on the tower control frequency...
    • Male Pilot: "Tower, flight 856 with you out of 13,000 feet for 10,000, requesting runway 15."
    • Female Air Traffic Controller: "Flight 856, tower, last time I gave a pilot what he wanted, I was on penicillin for three weeks, expect runway 6.
That's all for now, hope this brought a little joy to your evening.