Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Frito Boats

E. McPan will be happy - I had my first Frito Boat ever last night. It was amazing - everything I hoped it would be. Even better than the Frito Pie itself, however, was watching Cruiser try to make the Frito Pie. Reckless made a smart move when he went shopping. He bought enough stuff to make one batch when he first got there in the afternoon and one batch when the night was winding down and we were well into our cups. It is this second batch that Cruiser tried to cook. Naturally, since it was Cruiser and he had consumed numerous mint juleps at this point, he had some difficulties. First, he took the huge can of chili and put it directly on the stove without even opening it and turned the gas up to high. When we told him that this was likely to lead to an explosion and he needed to open the can and maybe put the chili in a pot, did he get a can opener? No, he didn't. Instead, he took a table knife and stabbed the can in an attempt to open it. Seriously, one swing and he had that knife up to the handle in a can of chili. At this point, after we all stopped laughing uncontrollably, we decided it would be best to keep Cruiser away from any sharp objects. Pretty standard for Cruiser, really.