Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Tell me again why I am doing this?

It starts today. The 1L Law Journal write on competition - a.k.a. let's watch the gunners go nuts. First of all, let me reiterate how totally sweet it is that this god awful thing takes place over the first weekend of spring break. The best part of this whole thing so far is the questions. The Law Review board set up an online forum for people to post questions about the competition and let me tell you, some of them are absolutely unbelieveable. They are so good that they are going to get their own post in a little while.

So, I am going to be working on this thing until 8:00 on Monday. Believe me, there will be plenty of updates over the weekend, as I am going to have to take many, many breaks in order to keep my sanity. I think I am going to get a couple of cases of beer for this weekend to make it a little more interesting.

At least I have something to look forward to after the competition is over. Wait, no - I have to spend Tuesday and Wednesday researching my appellate brief and then I get to leave on Thursday to return home to the armpit of America, the 'Lou, for the weekend. The one good thing is that my buddy is getting married on Satruday, so hopefully I can get drunk at the reception and who knows, maybe even meet some single women who are depressed that they aren't brides and are looking for a quick hookup.