Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So this is what productivity feels like

My computer was at the help desk during my four hour break today and as a result I think this was the most productive day I spent at law school the entire year. I was TCOB'n like nobody's business. Not only did I read for tomorrow's classes, I even read a case for Friday - if you have ever seen me frantically doing my reading during the first 15 minutes of class, you would know that is huge for me.

Unfortunately, after working on my computer for almost 4 hours, the geniuses at the help desk managed to make my computer worse than when I dropped it off. I knew it was not good when the first thing they told me when I went to pick it up was, "we can't fix it, you are going to have to reformat your hard drive." I knew it was even worse when the first thing my classmates said when I told them that I took it to the help desk was, "well, that was your first mistake."

Well, at least I got my homework done, so I have the night free to try to fix it my self - and by fix it myself I mean make it totally inoperable before throwing it off of my balcony.