Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Oh, how I miss her...

My baby is up for sale. This is the plane that I did all my multi-engine flight training in. If anybody wants to get me an early birthday present, feel free. Man, I loved flying this plane. She flew like a real plane, not a trainer. Big, powerful - shove those two power levers forward and feel yourself getting pushed back in your seat. There is another, clearer picture of her at her old home.

Seeing this brought back some memories. Here are the rest of my babies.

This is the primary trainer that I flew. It is the plane that I did my initial and instrument training in. Not a bad plane, but definitely a trainer - slow, docile, fairly forgiving. I doubt any of my Parks buddies except Heinie are looking at this, but if you are, check out who is sitting right seat in this picture - our old buddy JLC!

This is a more advanced plane that I flew when I was getting my commercial license. She may look pretty funny (and the paint scheme doesn't help) but she is a hell of a bird - like a sports car, maneuverable and fast. In fact, the hardest thing about learning to fly this plane is getting it slowed down when coming back to the airport without setting off the gear warning horn, which in turn sets off the flight instructor (and usually scares the shit out of any passengers). Me and Heinie got this bad boy up to 205 knots - 236 MPH - about 10 feet off the ground (over a "sparsely populated area" of course).

Ah can I forget this one. This is the plane that the flight team flew in its competitions. One of the most basic planes out there, it almost flies itself, but a hell of a lot of fun nonetheless. Many fond memories in this one, including spinning the shit out of it - but only as part of my CFI training, of course.

I can't wait until I am a big time lawyer making enough bank to buy my own. Until then I'll just keep dreaming.