Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Friday, March 04, 2005

The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected

So ever since I have had to get a new phone number in January, I have been getting an insane number of wrong number calls. I never use this phone, so I just turned the ringer off so as not to be bothered by the idiots who can't dial a telephone. I also never bother to check my message either. I did notice today, however, that my memory on my answering machine was full, and since that is the number that I put on my resume, I figured it might be a good idea to erase those messages to free up some room for the hundreds of employers who are bound to start calling any day now. Unfortunately, my machine doesn't let me delete without first listening to all the messages, so I got to listen to 59 messages. The vast majority of them were nothing, but there were some interesting ones. There were a bunch from people who saw my number on their caller ID and called me back. This means one of two things: either someone is breaking into my apartment and calling people or these assholes can't read a fucking phone number. And another thing - do people actually call back random numbers on their caller ID. I don't even want random people calling me - I'm sure as shit not going to randomly call someone else. I also got a message from Terry at the Bureau of Farm Management in New Mexico. How in the name of sweet Christ did he get my number? My favorite, though, has to be a call from a guy telling me that my shoes were not on the train and giving me another number to call to hunt down my shoes. So I guess there is some poor asshole running around somewhere minus one pair of shoes. Maybe I should have called to see what size they were.

In other news, the journal competition is into high gear now. I am still in that stage where the reading is actually interesting and I am actually enjoying learning about something new. I'm going to assume that that feeling will last for about three more hours, tops.