Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Jack v. Amstel

Well, good. So tonight didn't really turn out as I hoped it would. I went over to Dallas' apartment for Gunner's birthday party. All my friends were there, we were enjoying a few adult beverages, everyone was having a good time. Since I knew there were going to be a lot of pwople bringing bottles of beer, I came prepared and broght my bottle opener with me. Consequently, I became "bottle opener guy" early on in the evening - you need a bottle opened, you go to Jack. This was not a problem for me - I don't mind helping people gain access to alcohol. However, someone had it in for me. I was enjoying myself, having a good conversation with a cute young lady about the goodness of the South and the musical stylings of one Pat Green when somebody handed me an Amstel Light to open. No problem, I thought as i pulled out my trusty bottle opener. As I popped that top, I felt a slight sting on my right index finger. I just figured I scraped the edge of my hand on the side of the bottle cap. However, when I looked down, my right hand was covered in blood. I had never seen myself bleed this much, so I was confused and I stood there for a few seconds watching blood drip on to the floor. I finally realized maybe I should find a sink to wash this off in. Apparently, when the bottle cap came off, part of the glass on the neck of the bottle came off as well and I managed to gash my finger open pretty good. Thankfully, Mother's fiance (does that make her Father?) and her 8 months fo med school were there to come to the rescue. This thing would not stop bleeding. We probably stood there for a good 20 minutes trying to get this thing to finally stop bleeding. It finally stopped, and it looks like stitches will not be needed. It isn't easy to type without being able to bend your middle finger though. The worst thing about this is that I wasn't even that drunk. I was a little buzzed, but not nearly as drunk as I am when I usually injure myself. Next time someone else can supply the bottle opener - I'm sticking with twist-offs.