Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's in the bag

So one of the things that I have on my plate right now is mock trial. My mock trial partner is my buddy SCK. We were talking a little bit this week about how maybe we should think about looking at the problem and coming up with some ideas for the competition. SCK, who is definitely more inclined to worry about this right now than am I, did a little reading and came up with a six point plan for our case.

Now, let me give you a little background about the problem to set this up for you. Plaintiff is suing Defendant for the wrongful death of her husband. Defendant was involved in an automobile accident in which the deceased was killed instantly. Plaintiff is alleging that the defendant was driving while intoxicated and that his drunk driving was the cause of the accident. She is basing this on the testimony of the officer who investigated the accident and also the testimony of a waitress (with whom the defendant had a past relationship) at a bar where the defendnat had been drinking with a number of associates on the night of the accident. Defendant claims that his car (specifically his tie rod) was sabotaged by a mechanic, Jiminez (whom the defendant had refused to represent in an earlier case), at the last service station he went to for repairs. There are naturally a few more details than that, but that should give you at least an idea of what is going on.

With that being said, here is SCK's six point plan:

1) Our client was not legally drunk at .06 and there is no evidence that alcohol affected his driving in any way

2) The rod caused the accident, not negligence because this guy took exceptional care of his car

3) That Bitch cop dislikes our client because he drinks and dismissed the rod story because like I said earlier shes a bitch (P.S. She don't know shit about cars either).

4) That Jiminez guy cut the fucking rod, metal doesn't shear like that, and his boss said so (the only one in the case who knows shit about cars)

5) That ho at the pub is mad at our client because he won't give her the dick, and now shes trying to ruin him, he wasn't drunk at the bar, the tab went other places

6) We feel greatly for the family of the deceased and hope that they are able to recover from the proper party, the Garage. It is a shame that someone had to die over our client not representing Jiminez.

There is only one tiny little problem with this plan...

We represent the plaintiff.

We are so going to win.