Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I have had some random thoughts rattling around in my head today and I thought I would share them with you. There are only 4, so bear with me...
  • GW had a bonfire today to celebrate Washington's birthday. I still don't understand why they lit shit on fire to celebrate the birth of the nation's first president (nor do I understand why there weren't more people sitting around the fire drinking Bud). Actually, I kinda like this idea - we should light stuff on fire for all major holidays.
  • Commercials for Subway toasted subs. First of all, Subway is making a huge deal out of toasted subs like they are something new when in fact Subway is the last sandwich franchise on the planet to toast their sandwiches. Secondly, in the commercials for these subs, they allege that the subs are so hot that they can melt all the snow off of a VW Beetle in under 15 seconds. Call me crazy, but I don't think I want to eat something that hot. I think I'll stick with Potbellies
  • Reebok Pumps - I have no problem with Reebok bringing the Pump back. However, I saw an ad on today that said "inflatable shoes for a comfortable fit" like people don't know the whole point behind pumps. I mean seriously - didn't everybody learn this the last time we went through the whole pump craze?
  • I had a chicken pot pie for dinner. I haven't had a chicken pot pie in a long time. I like chicken pot pies for one reason in particular. I like the thought of eating the entire thing. I like to take mine out of the little paper deal that you cook it in so that when I finish, there is absolutely nothing left over. I know there is nothing left over when you eat a sandwich or something like that, but with a pot pie it is like you are eating your dishes and there is just something cool about that. It's almost as cool as the whole soup in a bread bowl thing. Now somebody needs to design edible utensils to go with the pot pies, although I guess that wouldn't work too well after the first bite.
  • I have the Maryland basketball game on in the background and one of the bands just played "The Final Countdown" - how sweet is that.
  • It would be cool if, seeing as how I am 25 years old, I knew how to count considering I said there were 4 things I wanted to share and I actually shared 5.
  • Actually, that last one happened after I had already written the 4 things part at the top - I am just doing all of this to make a joke about not being able to count.
  • Now I am just really stretching to make a bad joke.
  • Beating this like a dead horse.
Anyway, that's about it for now. Until next time...


p.s. For some reason this all sounded a lot funnier in my head before I wrote it all down - maybe I need to be more selective of what musings I share with y'all, or develop some kind of focus group or something like that.