Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Friday, February 18, 2005

Mustard Madness

Two words - "resounding success." That is the best way to describe the First Annual George Washington Law School International Mustard Appreciation Society Mustard Competition. It was a day that was long overdue, it was a day to celebrate the joy of mustard and it was a day that will not soon be forgotten in the minds of mustard lovers everywhere.

The day began with a private judging reception for Society members. Only the most discriminating mustard connoisseurs were invited to judge among two dozen mustards in categories such as Best Brown, Best Spicy Hot and Best Specialty/Flavored. A Chef's Choice Best In Show award was also given out. Competition was fierce and in all the excitement, I managed to lose my listing of the winners. Hopefully, I will be able to find it and share that information with all of you. In keeping with my persona (see previous post), I brought two mustards that contained Jack Daniel's Whiskey. While they did not do as well as I had hoped, garnering only one vote between the two, they did help elevate my appreication of mustard.

Later in the day, it was time for us to share our love of mustard with the masses. In conjunction with Thirsty Thursday, we set up a mustard sampling display in the hard lounge. Let me just say that the response was overwhelming. In fact, we had more mustard appreciation than we had paperware. I think the entire event was best summed up by the Georgia Peach, who said, "This is by far the weirdest thing that has ever happened at this school." Overall it was a great day for mustard.

Special recognition is due to B "mister mustard" M, who is the one who really got the ball rolling on all of this way back in the fall.

One last thing. Next up - hot sauce.

Until then...

p.s. Hopefully, my next post will be about me driving race cars or being in a rock band or something like that, because after writing this much about mustard, I don't think I will be getting any dates for a long time.