Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Monday, February 28, 2005

Mother Nature is a Dirty Bitch.

After waking up and not seeing one flake of the predicted overnight snow, it was great to sit in my apartment all day and watch the snow fall once it finally started. I was just waiting for this city to be shut down like it is whenever there is one flake of snow on the ground. However, when I went to my balcony to get that beautiful look at the snow covered roads, to my dismay there was not one flake of snow on the ground. In fact, there was less snow on the ground than when I woke up. Tell me how that is possible. It managed to snow all day without sticking to the ground until I was walking home. Now it is going to taper off and we are going to get two pitiful inches that will be plowed away by morning so all the teachers can get to work. I am praying for a melt and refreeze thing to happen overnight.

In other news, me and Mother had "the talk" today. He told me that sometimes daddy gives mommy a special hug.