Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Friday, February 11, 2005

"I am so not getting that job tomorrow morning."

"I am so not getting that job tomorrow morning." That was SR's quote as we were getting drunk pizza (we were drunk, not the pizza) at the Floyd Heck Marvin Center tonight. The best thing about that quote - and keep in mind, it was me and SR - was that it took place at 10:00 at night. This was just what I needed. After a week of feeling like shit and vomiting non-stop, I went out and enjoyed a "few" adult beverages. The night started out, as you can imagine, at the Front Page (fuck, can't I get away from that place - it wasn't even Thursday). Me and SR were joined by PS, of P-and-E. However, tonight it was just P. Don't worry, E, we didn't talk about you behind your back. PS did have the second best quote of the evening (at least by my twisted sense of humor) with "Man, I just dropped some major ass." It doesn't matter how old I get, farting will always be funny. Some other good lines tonight were, "SR go hit that drunk girl"; "we just passed a homeless guy doing tai-bo" (yes, he really was), and a whole bunch of stuff that was said to CM that I can't even repeat here (partly because it was too vulgar and partly because I just can't remember it). I have to say, however, that the highlight of my evening was hitting a double bulls eye on my last dart to win a game of cricket by one point. The rest is just gravy. I think i need to start taking a pen and a pad of paper with me when I go out, because i know there were a bunch more funny things that happened to me tonight. Is it sad that I am at this condition at 10:21 at night on a Friday? Maybe, but i don't give a shit. As I think i said at some point during my 12 hour drink-a-thon last Friday, "I love drunk". Until next time, go fuck yourself San Diego.

Art Vandalay