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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Karate Kid Party Running Diary

So it is 6:25 p.m. on Saturday. We are all over at CO'C's house for our Wild Card Weekend/Karate Kid Party. Unfortunately, the Karate Kid hasn't shown up yet. Apparently, most respectible movie rental stores no longer carry The Karate Kid, which is a tragedy beyond all tragedies. The movie was supposed to start at precisely 5:54 p.m., which would have resulted in it ending at the precise moment of the kickoff for the Jets-Chargers game. Unfortunately, CM, who was appointed charge d'affairs for procurement of the movie is running a little late. There may need to be some fast forwarding to happen in order to finish the movie before the game. I figured it might be interesting, instead of writing a post after I got home and couldn't really remember anything, I would write during the event and see who it turned out. Here are some observations. They are made by everyone, not just me (I'm not this funny)...

  • Suzy Kolhberg is wearing "Jane Fonda's workout sock" around her neck because she doesn't want any alcoholic former NFL stars hitting on her.
  • We are now complementing what would have happend if Suzy had given into Joe Namath's advances. The producers could have cut back to a shot of Joe riding Suzy while wearing his fur coat.
  • Someone put JM in charge of ordering pizza - look at one of my previous posts to see how good of an idea this is.
  • Our property textbook is so bad - the intro basically says we can't define property but we will give it a shot anyway.
  • 6:41 p.m. - we have officially started talking about the federal rules of civil procedure
  • CM just walked in with the camel hair top coat - does he have the movie???
  • There it is - The Karate Kid - CM, you are the best around.
  • Karate Kid has the hottest DVD ever - it is a sillouette of Daniel-san practicing the Crane Kick on a wooden stump.
  • It's on - 6:48 p.m. - start time
  • For the 30th time tonight, JC was asked about the break up email he sent to all of us.
  • Due to the time constraints we have skipped the opening sequence where Daniel-san and his mom are driving through the countryside.
  • Now we are in California, and it is obvious by his great acting that he is not happy about it.
  • Foreshadowing - we know D has some mad skills when he knocks the guy over with the front gate
  • It turns out that the guy he knocks over looks just like TM - and he is wearing a t-shirt with two pigs fornicating and has the caption "Making bacon"
  • Here it comes - the first appearance of Mr. Miyagi - the greates character in the history of movies ever.
  •'s here...ok.
  • I'll be back in a second - when the pizza is gone.
  • Ok, I'm back.
  • The moving is going very well...I mean seriously, how can it not - it is the Karate Kid. We are at the scene where he shows up at the Halloween party dressed up as a shower.
  • We are also reminicing about a couple of nights ago at the front page when CD paid SS five bucks to ask a girl what the hell was up with her hat and then we all ran away giggling.
  • It just happened - someone just accused Daniel-san of felony murder - we are such nerds.
  • CD just said "after watching this movie, I don't know how Japan lost the war."
  • Sensei Kreese looks like an old version of Nick Lachey
Well, i wrote even more of this, but it got erased when I left to go to the bar. I don't even know what this all says, but I am going to post it anyway because at this point I don't even give a flying fuck. Even better is the fact that I am still acting like this is a running commentary - it's 5 friggin' hours later.

Anyway, as can be expected, Karate Kid was totally sweet. There was talk of making this kinda thing a regular deal, with Iron Eagle being the next movie up. I think that is a great idea. Then again, I think watching any movie is great as long as you mix enough alcohol with it.

Well, I guess this post has gone on for entirely too long. I was trying to think of something funny to say because nobody is even reading this anymore, but i am too tired (a.k.a. drunk) to even think of something like that. I am going to bed before I hurt myself.