Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Friday, November 05, 2004

Props to EVB and LG

First things first, I have to give a shout out to EVB and LG for being the only two section 14 girls to make it out tonight. Furthermore, extra props to the two of you for putting up with all of us for the night. So it was a Thursday today - that means Front Page for 33 cent tacos (Larry Bird tacos to all you Boston folk). In addition to the tacos, of course, was the 10 dollar bucket of beers. Making this an even more special evening was the fact that pretty much all of us were done with our memos. Of course, it being Thursday, we started out at the Front Page. The group consisted of (i.e. the real men were) myself, CD, TM, BM, NS, Sen. C, and that's about it. SR was there, but he was too busy having dinner with his wife - although it was nice to see him come over and pound a beer while the wife wasn't looking. It was pretty much a standard Front Page evening, with many tacos being enjoyed by all. Eventually, after about 7 or so buckets of beer, we decided to go to the Big Hunt for the bar review. Let me tell you, this was the lamest bar review ever. There were maybe 20 people from GW there. This is where EVB and her friend D an LG showed up. This is also where pretty much all of us who had been at Fron Page took a turn for the worse (except for BM, he was done before we even got there and he was ready to hit on midwest teeth girl before we even left FP). I was done when I found out they had PBR on tap. My favorite part of the evening was that the elephants (including EVB's friend) outnumbered the donkeys - that doesn't happen often (except maybe on election day), so we had fun with that. TM is officially a socialist, apparently. So, after the lame bar review, where did we go - well back to the FP, of course. I think it's safe to say that very few of us have much of a recolection of the night from that point on. My favorite point of the night was my walk home with everybody's favorite drunk - TM. Let me tell you, it was interesting. Before we even left the DuPont Circle area, T had already tried to pull a tree out of the ground and I, as usual, had gotten some newspapers out of one of the free boxes. One of the newspapers had a map which we tried to read but couldn't because it was upside down. Between DP Circle and Foggy Bottom, T managed to knock over 4 newspaper boxes and 2 trash cans. He also drug an orange construction barrel for about a block and a half. All in all it was a pretty fun night, made even better by the fact that the GOP outnumbered the dems. CM, if you are reading this, all I have to say to you is where the f* were you bitch.