Days Until I Am No Longer A 1L:

Friday, October 15, 2004

Random (somewhat drunk) musings

Here are just a few things I have been thinking about over the past few days (F.Y.I. the Microsoft Word definition of musings is "thoughts, especially when aimless and unsystematic" - I think that "aimless and unsystematic" is the best way to describe my writings)

1. For the first time ever, the Metro was ahead of schedule tonight. When we got to the station, the last train was pulling out. The station attendant directed our attention to the "official station clock", which said 11:54. However, the sign said that the last train in our direction was scheduled to leave at 11:55. I think NS has a good case when he calls tomorrow to sue the bastards - if nothing else, somebody at the Metro customer service department is going to have a bad day.

2. Red Sox fans are pissing me off. I know I am not going to make any friends by saying this, but I am really getting sick of Boston fans. They are almost as bad as Nebraska Cornhusker football fans, and anybody who knows me knows that I hate Nebraska fans with a passion (two words - Texas Tech), Red Sox fans never shut up about the Red Sox. Granted, I talk about the Cardinals a lot, but I have the decency to limit it to converastions about baseball. Red Sox manage to bring it up in every single conversation. What makes it worse is that they whine more than Luke Skywalker. Every time something goes against the Sox, their fans bitch and moan for days on end. When they win, they talk about it forever, and when they lose, they make excuses for months. Here's my excuse for why you lose - the Yankees are a better team. I know when they Sox lose the ALCS in a few days that all I will hear is excuses - Schilling was hurt, etc. Why don't you just admit that you suck and get it over with.

3. Buffalo Billards can kiss my ass. So we had a Section happy hour the other day at Buffalo Billards in DuPont, and that place sucked from the minute we got there. The jackass doorman tried to turn away one of our group because his temporary ID didn't have his picture on it. He didn't do it kindly either - he was a total dick, saying shit like "It's not open for discussion. you can't get in." This was one of those bouncers who thinks bouncing is cool and goes home and watches Road House and fondles himself. It felt so good when we asked to see the manager and he let us in. Unfortunately, things didnt get any better once we got in the bar. Our waitress was so nonexistant that I thought I lost my credit card when I didn't see her for three hours. The bartender took forever to take out order, then bitched at us for taking too long. The worst part was that the bar was anti-Midwest. When it was game time, they had the Yankees/Red Sox game on 47 billion TVs and the Cards/Astros game on one 13 inch P.O.S that was hidden in the corner. We can't get no respect.

That's pretty much all I have to say right now - or at least all I have the patience to type. I'll talk to y'all later.


p.s. Ramen is great.

p.p.s Congrats to NS for being the first person other than me to be in my apartment - even if it was just to use the toilet.